Carrier ComfortChoice evaluated in a report for the Sacramento Municipal Utility District

January 31, 2014

The Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) commissioned Herter Energy Research Solutions to conduct a usability study of Communicating Thermostats to evaluate them for task efficiency, preference and perceived usefulness of advanced features. Ten communicating thermostats and 2 standard thermostats were studied in a simultaneous, multi-user paired comparison test with 163 SMUD customers of various ages and levels of education over a 3-day period. Users were not provided with any manuals or coaching while they were observed and their preferences recorded. The Carrier ComfortChoice thermostat finished at the top for both preference and task efficiency amongst all of the thermostats tested.

To see a copy of the report click here … 2014 Herter Energy Research Solutions Communicating Thermostat Usability Study.pdf

Note: The results were part of an independent study and the results do not reflect in any way an endorsement by Herter Energy Research Solutions or the Sacramento Municipal Utility District.