ComfortChoice Touch

The Carrier ComfortChoice Touch is a new, color touch screen, programmable thermostat designed for ZigBee applications. The ComfortChoice Touch was developed using Carrier's 10+ years of experience in 2-way communications and thermostat design. With over 200,000 Carrier smart thermostats installed throughout the United States, the Touch thermostat advances Carrier's product line of communicating Demand Response thermostats.

The ComfortChoice Touch is perfect for Smart Grid applications using the ZigBee Smart Energy profile. The ComfortChoice Touch will interface with compatible Smart Meters and Gateways, providing a 2-way communication path to enable Load Control and Pricing Signals for traditional Demand Response and real-time pricing programs.

The Carrier ComfortChoice Touch thermostat was also designed with the end customer in mind. The large 4.3 inch full color display provides a bright and easy to read screen that can be viewed from across the room and in varying light conditions. The touch screen interface provides easy to read icons that make operating and programming the thermostat much simpler than using traditional buttons.

Demo the ComfortChoice Touch thermostat

The thermostat is designed using two printed circuit boards: a Display and an I/O board. There are two wires (Vg and V+) connecting the display and the I/O board. These two wires provide power to the display, and communication data between the two boards. The two boards can be installed as a single unit, referred to as a stacked installation, or in separate locations, referred to as an unstacked installation. The stacked installation encloses both boards in a single plastic housing and all of the necessary wires need to be present at the installed location. Stacked installations require the presence of a "common" wire. If no common is present, the unstacked installation allows the installer to locate the I/O board near the HVAC equipment and use only 2 existing wires for Vg and V+ to the display.

Stacked and Unstacked Installations (Click link to view Installation Options)

ComfortChoice Edge
(Legacy 2-way Paging only)

The Carrier ComfortChoice Edge is an update of Carrier's first 2-way paging Programmable Communicating Thermostat. The Edge utilizes the same proven 2-way paging technology that Carrier has been using since 2001 with over 178,000 thermostats delivered to utility customers across the US. The Edge uses a larger, easier to read display, with a sleek thin design and a simple interface. The Edge provides traditional Demand Response using both setback and duty-cycle algorithms and adds support for real-time pricing programs and time of use rates.

The ComfortChoice Edge integrates with Carrier's ComfortChoice Manager (CCM) head-end utility control application. CCM provides a powerful web-based application for the utility to aggregate and control tens of thousands of thermostats. The CCM application allows utilities to initiate events and monitor them in real-time all while saving all of the transaction information in a secure database. Summary and detailed reports can then be produced on demand to view customer participation, overrides and impacts.

ComfortChoice Legacy
(Legacy 2-way Paging only)

The original Carrier ComfortChoice thermostat was introduced in 2001 as the industry's first commercially available 2-way communicating thermostat to be used in mass deployments by the utilities. Since that time over 178,000 thermostats have been installed and many are still providing traditional Demand Response today for our utility customers.

Utility customers using the ComfortChoice thermostats have had Internet access to control and monitor their thermostats since 2001 when Carrier pioneered the application that is still in use today by thousands of customers.

Carrier is proud that the lessons learned from many of the two-way thermostat programs across the USA have now been adopted in the newest Demand Response programs where two-way communication is seen as essential.