Thermostat ZigBee Smart Energy 1.1 Certified

Extending Carrier's Leadership in 2-way Communications to the Smart Grid

Carrier, the market leader in 2-way Programmable Communicating Thermostats since 2001 is in volume production with our ComfortChoice Touch thermostat for Smart Energy applications. This provides utility companies with a proven solution for interfacing to AMI and in-home gateways for Smart Grid applications.

DR screen

Demand Response Screen

Integration with Multiple Smart Grid Systems

The ComfortChoice Touch thermostat has been interfaced to systems from multiple AMI vendors as well as 3rd party software solutions for Demand Response and Pricing applications. The utility can decide which system best meets their needs and feel confident the Carrier thermostat will perform.

Demand Response Events and Price Events are displayed on the touch screen with color icons and informative data that helps your customers understand the rationale behind the events.

ComfortChoice - Proven Technology

Carrier's thermostats have provided years of reliable service for both the utility company and more importantly, their customers. Carrier utilizes a disciplined product development process that creates products built to perform and last. Carrier was also the pioneer in 2-way communications and understands the challenges and issues in large thermostat deployments and has solved them for our utility customers.